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To what extent do I need to learn a language in a country where nobody speaks this language?

The answer to this question is simple: you need someone that helps you to achieve your objective. In this case, you want once and for all to learn a language because you have a clear goal.
So, basically, it misses the “how to do it” and that's exactly where we put a step in:

we work along with you to transform your language goal in a clear plan with defined activities and deadlines.

What does make IELO different from the other language schools?

Firstly: we are not a language school but a language consulting company:

  • our classes are 100% personalized since we focus on the goals of our students aligned with their language level
  • we evaluate our student’s goal and prepare a detailed language plan, with defined targets and deadlines
  • we construct the the language plan together and each of its phases must be approved by our students. We don't move forward without their observations and final ok.
  • we are flexible when it comes to the schedule of our lessons: we decide it together, considering the best day and time for our student
  • we are reachable everywhere at any time through social media
  • we are not your teacher but your language consultant. This means that our job is to train the language skills of our students by constantly motivating them through different resources.