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by Alfonso Polimeni - data governance and reporting, pharmaceutical industry on

Roberta is a great teacher, always available and ready to attend to all my demands. I can assure from my own experience that she has a different and innovative method in comparison to the other language schools. I strongly recommend her as a teacher.

by Valeria Coppolino - communication designer on

Roberta is an excellent coach, professional and very prepared. She creates a personalized English Plan based on your demands and her classes are always stimulating and fun. She is ready to give the necessary energy and motivation to make you learn at your best.

by Paola B - mother of a teenager on

Roberta is a great teacher and her method makes the students to fall in love for the language. She is very available and flexible to our requests and her unmissable cookies are always part of the classes. Thank you, Roberta, for all your efforts you put in the classes!

by Vincenzo Arpino - sales executive, Freight Forwarding Industry on

Roberta has an effective learning method. The classes are never boring and above all they are personalized according to the level and goals previously established. In addition to the weekly lessons, she is present in a daily basis by stimulating my studies through the use of social media. She is always available besides being very kind and nice.

by Jaime Turetta - marketing, BPO Industry on

Roberta is my English Coach and she has been following my career for a long time. I have trusted in her teaching and coaching unique method to help me to achieve my career goals. This method allies project management techniques and English learning in accordance to my English level and career objectives. I'm sure she will impact positively the lives of professionals that are searching to achieve their career goals.

by Francesca Fantini – Brazilian Dance Student and Traveler on

Roberta is an excellent teacher! I have studied two different languages with her: firstly, I have learned Portuguese and then English, which I’m still studying. She has developed a very efficient method which focus on the needs, preferences and the things that are interesting for each student. Thus, she really makes this language enjoyable to learn! The conversation is the basis of her method and I find it the most important element of our classes. In my opinion, Roberta is a very professional, serious and competent teacher. I do recommend her!

by Serena Brunone – Medicine Student on

Roberta is very professional, prepared and available. Besides, she is passionate about teaching and that’s what has impressed me the most about her. She manages to transmit the passion for learning in a very stimulating way, making the class fun and exciting. I like her interactive method which doesn’t restrict itself in one hour per week of studying since she always refreshes our classes by sending videos and messages. I totally recommend her. I finally found someone that makes me appreciate English.

by Giada Casella - Pharmacist on

I found Roberta by chance. I chose her through an application among other professionals because I liked her profile. Then, we quickly set a first interview which she offers free of charges in order to present her teaching method. Her reception was nice and over my expectations: hospitable, nice and generous (very generous when it comes to cookies)). Every class is different. She is neither repetitive nor boring. On the contrary, her classes are always interactive. Roberta uses a fun method of teaching which is always interesting because it offers various resources in order to avoid the class to be annoying. She also recommends sites as an alternative way to learn the language. During the week she doesn’t leave me alone by nicely provoking me and making me speak and write in English. She sends me videos, images, messages which keeps my mind in shape. Therefore, I believe that her method is very efficient. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have much time to study because of my work, but the improvements in language skills are visible. I do recommend her to everybody, from children to adults. She is a very trustable person.

by Fabiana Aricò – Fashion Designer on

I liked Roberta’s classes immediately: personalized, interactive and fun. I think her teaching method is very efficient and it’s not academic in any possible way! That’s why her classes are never boring. Since the classes are tailor made, I found a way to read interesting articles or watch movies and TV series that she recommends. It is possible to notice how professional she is either before or after the class. In fact, when the class finishes, she forwards the summary of the studied topic. Certainly, she is a teacher who I recommend to everyone who wishes to learn English.

by Giulia Bettini – Quality System Assistant, Quality Assurance on

Roberta’s English classes are personalized in accordance to my needs. Roberta is very gentle and prepared. I consider her teaching method very useful: it’s not annoying and the exercises change according to what I need and like the most. The classes are totally in English from the moment she receives me at her house with a cup of coffee to the moment I leave. During the week, I can write to her in order to ask some help or simply to practice my English. She’s always available. My class lasts for the entire week because she stimulates me to write, speak and think in English. I do like this aspect because it allows me to practice the language in a daily basis. I strongly recommend her to everyone who wants to learn a new language because she is a very attentive teacher, making sure that every class will be interesting and personalized.

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